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Trade & Commodity Finance

With the experience gained in the trade finance over the years, the Bank provides a specialized service to its clients by using international trade finance tools such as:

  • Advising Letters of Credit
  • Discounting L/Cs, bills of exchange, promissory note
  • Structuring trade finance deals
  • Documentary Collections
  • Forfaiting
  • Bank Guarantees

Due to our strong focus and wide experience in the field of Trade and Commodity Finance, our dynamic and experienced team can provide fast and tailor-made solutions to accommodate the needs of our clients.

But it’s not just our experience that our clients rely on. Our presence in key trading hubs such as the Netherlands, China (Shanghai), Dubai, Switzerland and the United States as well as our presence in raw material exporting geographies such as the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Eastern Europe, means we are in an excellent position to finance any step, or the entire process, of your transaction flows across
the globe.

We serve many types of clients, from large volume traders to relatively small trading units. We are
dedicated partners, supporting our clients’ growth strategies.