Phishing: Be aware of scam

Phish­ing is usu­ally done through email, ads, or by sites that look sim­i­lar to sites you al­ready use. For ex­am­ple, some­one who is phish­ing might send you an email that looks like it’s from your bank so that you’ll give them in­for­ma­tion about your bank ac­count.

It’s im­por­tant to re­mem­ber that we’ll never send you text mes­sages or emails that ask you to con­firm, up­date or dis­close per­sonal or bank­ing in­for­ma­tion. You can re­duce your risk of be­ing scammed by pay­ing close at­ten­tion to mes­sages or emails.

Please note: Credit Eu­rope Bank does not carry out any trans­ac­tions in Bit­coin or other cryp­tocur­ren­cies (e.g. for open­ing ac­counts or in­ter­na­tional pay­ments) and we do not of­fer (pri­vate) num­bered bank ac­counts or pay­ment ser­vices in con­nec­tion with on­line auc­tions (e.g. Ebay).

  • Please be very careful with e-mails on the subject of Corona and do not click on a link or log into your customer account using a button at the end of the e-mail.
  • Please do not download any attachments. They could be malware.
  • In general, act cautiously with e-mails from unknown senders.
  • Check that the email address and the sender name match.
  • Check if the email is authenticated.
  • Please do not feel threated to click a link or open an attachment. Both can carry harmful content.
  • Even in e-mails from senders who appear to be familiar to you, watch out for spelling errors and formulations that appear unnatural, as well as for foreign special characters. These are often phishing attempts.
  • Check your account statements regularly and inform your account-holding bank immediately in the event of irregularities.
  • Block your online banking access or your credit card immediately if something appears suspicious to you.
  • When contacted by an unsolicited third party, it’s better to be over-cautious. Contact the organisation directly using a phone number from their website (not the email or message) before you reply
  • Only use reputable official sources when looking for information. Use the information pages of well-known authorities and institutions.