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About us

Credit Europe Bank (Suisse) SA (formerly Finansbank (Suisse) SA) “the Bank” was acquired by Finansbank AŞ Turkey in 1990 as the first non-Turkish subsidiary of FIBA Group. Due to the sale of Finansbank A.S. in August 2006, FIBA Group Banks were re-branded into Credit Europe Bank.

The Bank is fully owned by Credit Europe Bank NV, the Netherlands and under the consolidated supervision of the Dutch Parent Bank.

The Bank has outsourced its operational activities and IT core banking software to a well-known name, Crédit Agricole (Suisse) SA, who has resilient experiences in supplying operational services to third parties since October 2007.

During 2016, the Bank has maintained its activities in private banking and corporate banking. In addition, the Bank has focused more on increasing the trade finance activities in 2016. As a result, trade finance volume reached to USD 1.1 billion for the period.

In connection with the increased activities, the Bank renewed its club deal facility amounting to EUR 66.5 million with one year maturity. The deal was successfully subscribed with the participation of many reputable banks around the world.

Although the markets have been volatile, the Bank managed to achieve sustainable profit and a strong balance sheet in 2016. The total assets exceeded CHF 600 million and the shareholders` equity reached at CHF 133 million. Credit Europe Bank (Suisse) SA has established itself as a solid Swiss Bank through the achievement of consistent and sustained growth levels for more than 25 years.

The quality of service, solutions tailor made to the needs of the clients and experienced team helped significantly to the success of the Bank.