Dynamism, Diversity and Expertise

Credit Europe Bank (Suisse) SA is an institution under Swiss law and active in Switzerland since 1990. All the Bank's business activities are managed from its headquarters in Geneva. It is wholly owned by the Credit Europe Bank NV group, domiciled in the Netherlands. The group is headquartered in Amsterdam and employs around 1,100 people in 7 countries.

Trade Fi­nance & Com­mod­ity Fi­nance

As a local bank, Credit Europe Bank has the capacity to analyse each project’s qualities and offer a range of responsive, personalised financial services.

Cor­po­rate Lend­ing & Pro­ject Fi­nance

We offer businesses a wide range of banking services regardless of their international, regional or local reach. Our team of experts provides solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

Financial Institutions

Credit Europe Bank has an extensive network of financial institutions and benefits from correspondent banking arrangements (Nostro accounts) with many international banks around the world.

About us